Possum Queen Foundation (PQF) provides financial and advisory assistance to people located in Northwest Connecticut who have come upon financial hardship due to medical and related expenses.  


If you are resident of Litchfield County, you may already know someone or a friend of a friend helped by the Possum Queen.  We may help a child get to the right resources and provide some bridge financial assistance at the same time.   PQF could help purchase a wheelchair for someone that suffered a stroke and can’t afford it.  We can help arrange for meals or groceries to be brought for someone that just spent their last dollar on medical expenses.  Unfortunately, we live in a world where need far outstrips resources and PQF is able to provide a small amount of comfort and support to a small portion of those most needy.
PQF specifically looks for candidates that have extenuating medical circumstances that overwhelming their existing resources.  Candidates are periodically chosen, from a pool of applicants, by our distribution board.


PQF started  in 1989 by raising $2,000 for a Litchfield family needing help with medical bills.   For 25 years, it was an annual campaign, raising money for those in Litchfield with medical expense hardships.  During this entire period,  PQF raised about $40,000.
Then, about 5 years ago, the fundraiser gained some momentum.  PQF organized as a 501c3 foundation.  We organized formal operating committees and established consistent processes in an effort to help more people.  The results have exceeded expectations, raising more than $100,000 in 2018.


We intend to continue to return 92% or more of its revenues directly to those most in need. We are organized and positioned for growth.   Our goal is to grow 30%+ annually.  We intend to develop our donor base, solicit grants in support of our mission, and improve visibility in the communities we serve.